My Bibliography

I’m still updating this list. Most of my writing has been in Skeptic magazine, and between 1992 and 1994, I was Senior Editor at The Humanist, where I contributed the “Skeptical Eye” column. Readers may notice a subtle pattern in this.

“The Devil’s Laughter” Free Inquiry, Spring 2001. A review of Totally Mad, published by Broderbund.

“Blue Smoke, Mirrors, and Designer Science: How the Public Relations Industry Compromises Democracy”  Skeptic, Vol 7., No. 1, 1999. The subtitle says it all.
“Unity, Diversity and Evolution: A Review of Consilience by E.O. Wilson” Skeptic, Vol. 6 No. 1., 1998. A long book review of Wilson’s discussion of science and the human condition.
“Michael Moore: He’s Unarmed, Except for the Weapon of Satire” Book review of Downsize This!, The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 15, 1996
“The Bell Curve’s an Old Story” Welcomat, date unknown. An interview with William Tucker, a Rutgers professor who’d written an extremely good book titled The Science and Politics of Racial Research.
“The Bell Curve Collapses” Skeptic, Vol. 4, No. 4, 1996. Review.
“The Great Political Correctness Panic”  Skeptic, Vol. 4, No. 3., 1996. A lengthy article discussing the panic over “Political Correctness,” the role of conservative think-tanks in promoting the panic, and similarities to other forms of hysteria.
“Humanist ErrorIn These Times, May 15, 1995. A short humor piece about recruitment materials for secular humanists.

Columns for The Humanist magazine

“Boxing Diana” The Humanist, May-June 1994. A discussion of the prosecution of comics artist Mike Diana on grounds of obscenity.
“Tales from the Crypt” The Humanist, March-April 1994. A discussion of Comics as a force in American life, and recent attempts to censor their content.
“Watching on the Rhine” Skeptic, Vol. 2, No. 4., 1994. A review of Deborah Lipstadt’s book Denying the Holocaust.
“Response to Mark Weber” The Humanist, March-April 1994. Weber, editor of the Journal of Historical Review, wrote to complain about my describing Holocaust revisionists as neo-Nazis and anti-Semites. The magazine ran his letter, and my reply.
“Frankenstein Must be Destroyed: Chasing the Monster of Television Violence” The Humanist, January-February 1994. A discussion of claims that violent television incites violent behavior. This article’s been reprinted in a number of communications texts, and I’m very proud of that.
Untitled book review of Noam Chomsky books, The Humanist, November-December 1993. A combined review of Year 501 by Noam Chomsky, and Chronicles of Dissent, a book of interviews with Chomsky by David Barsamian.
“False History, Gas Chambers, Blue Smoke and Cracked Mirrors” and “Dancing with der Fuhrer”
The Humanist, July-August 1993 and September-October 1993. These two columns were a two-part discussion of Holocaust Revisionists, who claim that mass exterminations did not happen in Hitler’s concentration camps. (The title I’d wanted for the second column was “Dancing Hitlers,” a riff on Mel Brooks’ The Producers, but…)
“Apocalypse Soon” Philadelphia City Paper. April 30, 1993. A profile of Ted Daniels, a folklorist who researches Apocalypse myths.
“Truth in Advertising for Satan Sellers?” The Humanist, May-June 1993. Evangelist and comedian Mike Warnke built a career out of his tales of having dealt drugs and worshipped Satan. But another group of evangelicals checked into his story, and found it wanting in the factual-basis department…
“All the Babies You Can Eat” The Humanist, March-April 1993. I get my big article on Satan cults published in the Philly City Paper, and whaddya know? Ms. magazine runs a cover story that says, “Believe It! Child Ritual Abuse Exists!”
“Michael Medved Drowns by Numbers”/ “The Screening Room of Dr. Caligari” The Humanist Jan-Feb 1993, and Z magazine, date unknown. A review of Hollywood vs. America by film critic and right-wing mouthpiece Michael Medved.
“Hangin’ with Zontar at the Grassy Knoll” The Humanist, November-December1992. An overview of then-current UFO conspiracy theorists John Lear, Bob Lazar, and William Cooper. (Cooper later became a major broadcaster in the Miliitia movement, and his broadcasts were a large influence on Timothy McVeigh. In November 16, 2001, he was killed in a shootout with Arizona sheriff’s deputies.)
“Basic Instincts?”
The Humanist, September-October 1992. A review of Carol Tavris’s book The Mismeasure of Woman.
“Big Head’s Back”
The Humanist, May-June 1992. A discussion of the Lyndon LaRouche cult, and its journal, 21st Century Science and Technology.
“Captain Future’s Terrarium of Discipline”
The Humanist, March-April 1992. A discussion of Biosphere II, and the apocalyptic cult that was running it at the time.
“Satanic Panic”
Philadelphia City Paper. October 23, 1992. (Cover story.) A discussion of claims of mass-murdering Satan cults and the use of hypnosis to recover “repressed memories.”

“Apocalypse Soon” Philadelphia City Paper. April 30, 1993. A profile of Ted Daniels, a folklorist who researches Apocalypse myths.
“Flag Waving Designed to Boost Radio Station’s Ratings” Philadelphia Daily News, Sept 7, 1990. God bless the Guest Opinion page.
“The Fringes of Reason” Skeptical Inquirer, Fall 1989. Book review of Whole Earth’s Fringes of Reason.
“Irrational Computing” Article on home computer database system, Antic magazine. January 1989. I was flabbergasted to find this article archived on the Web with the rest of Antic‘s coverage of Atari 8-bit computers. If the site’s still up, you can read it here.
“High Weirdness by Mail” Skeptical Inquirer, Winter 1988-1989. Review of Ivan Stang’s catalog of strange mail sources.

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