Joy Cutler’s “Anatomy Lesson”

Somehow my previous promo work attracted the attention of playwright and performance artist Joy Cutler, who hired me to help create a promo video for her one-person play Anatomy Lesson. The goal here is to get people to book Joy for a performance; ideally, the audiences would include people who have kidney disease, people who work in the medical profession, organ-sourcing and health-care organizations, and patient support groups.

We began by shooting a brief interview with Joy at Plays and Players, where she explained the genesis of the piece. A week or so after that, she was invited to perform the piece at Drexel University, so I set up a pair of cameras and captured that; sadly, the lighting in the room was fluorescent yecch, and in a nearby classroom some music students were rehearsing their band, so the sound has some awful thudding in the background.

After some consideration, we decided to redo the interview segments– only this time, we shot them at Cara Blouin’s Art Church here in West Philadelphia. We also shot some parts of the actual performance, which looked much better, but we decided that mixing those and the Drexel footage just didn’t work.

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