Geek Knits: Kyle Cassidy and Rodney Anonymous photo shoot

So far I’ve shot two of Kyle’s photo sessions for an upcoming book of knitting patterns by Joan of Dark, titled Geek Knits, which shall be a collection of knitting patterns with a science/science fiction theme. Kyle’s been blogging about the project as he collects photos; a number of famous people have agreed to participate, and since Kyle’s placed the project under his notorious Top Sekrit© imprimatur. I will not spill the magic beans here.

This particular photo shoot happened in late September 2014, about a week after I got to shoot the Dead Milkmen in the studio, where I caught Kyle and Rodney discussing the project. As you see, the idea was to pose Rodney in the posture of an early-19th-century duellist, having blown his opponent out of his shoes. (I may be wrong on this, but I believe that custom provided for such things in real life: the winning duellist would gain not only satisfaction, but half of his opponents’ lands, the labor of his children as clerks and coal-chewers, and the right to embroider the name of the deceased upon his spats.)  So the next weekend, we were on South Hutchinson Street, staging dead and mayhem on comfortable cobblestones.

The video pretty much speaks for itself at this point, so…

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