Draft excerpt from Romeo and Juliet

A few days ago, I decided to play with the video materials I have for Romeo and Juliet. I’d just launched the Kickstarter, and had a strong initial response, so I figured I ought to show something as a kind of reward. So here is a very rough draft of the opening scenes.

I said it was rough. I did this mainly because I have to set up the proper workflow for the project. The fastest way to edit this kind of project is as a multicamera project– you run synchronized video streams, and pick the active camara as you go along. However, editing a multicamera setup with Adobe Premiere Pro allows me only four video streams– and I have seven, plus pickup shots. So for the time being, I limited myself to the four cameras on the lower floor. There are three more cameras I’m not using here. (For example, that public official who interrupts the riot? I have him in unused footage.)

I can’t get the sound mixed until the Kickstarter’s funded, so the sound in this excerpt is a temporary track. I have to work out a workflow that enables me to work with a sound mixer as a collaborator.

The link to the Kickstarter’s at the left-hand side of this website.  I hope you can be persuaded to contribute, or at least, get a friend to contribute.

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